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At Formula Consulting, we offer Software Development and Engineering services.
Our primary product, FormWorksCAD, is a software developed to reduce the time and cost of heavy civil construction projects.
It achieves this by assisting Formwork Engineers through the formwork design process, reducing design time, and greatly improving overall efficiency of the final formwork solution.


Digital Construction Solutions

Digital Construction Solutions

We offer innovative software for heavy civil construction projects that solve a significant portion of typical formwork problems, maximizing formwork efficiency and minimizing design time.

Design with Digital Precision

Designing with Digital Precision​

Our CAD and BIM plugins assist detailed formwork planning using an extensive database of formwork systems from leading formwork suppliers.

Improving Construction Efficiency

Improving Construction Efficiency​

Reduce design and construction costs, solve typical areas automatically, and optimize formwork use over all construction stages; saving on design time, formwork rental, and labour.

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Reduce Design Time

Reductions of up to 56% during planning stages by automatically solving a large portion of the structure.

Reduce Construction Time

Improve cycle time by maximizing use of gang forms and reducing crane use.

Reduce Formwork Costs

Reduce total formwork materials required on site by up to 30% by improving overall formwork efficiency.

Auto-Generate Material Lists

Generate pour, cycle, and project material lists automatically from prepared drawings.

Our Team

Mitchell Kane


Douglas Armour


Joshua Loduca


Owen Sagness



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Provincial Foundations

“I’ve been using their tool since September and have nothing but good things to say, (…) it has made preparing drawings much easier.”
- Provincial Foundations, Ltd.


“We look forward to working with [FCI], what they have built is quite impressive.” - PERI Formwork Systems

Lindsay Construction

“They are really on to something here.”
- Lindsay Construction

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